Auction types

Our software includes different types of auctions, more than any other auction software. While some of them are extensively used on internet with success, other are still new but ready to create new niche markets.

  • Standard Auction
    • It's basically a copy of Ebays' auction. That is, it comes with proxybidding, reserve price, and buy now features. With proxybidding, an user doesn't need to visit your website several times just to check if his bid is still the winning one. Instead of this, the user defines a maximum value when he bids. For example, an auction starts for $100, with an increment of $5; userA bids for $120, but the displayed bid is just $100; userB bids for $108, but the system knows the userA's real bid was $120, so the userB's bid is registered (as $108) but a new "automatic" bid is done, as userA, for $113 (108+5). This is very convenient for users.
  • Basic Auction
    • Using basic auction, the process works "like in the movies", that is, the price you bid is the new price. Clear and simple, as some users expect.
  • Lot
    • If you have an amount of the same item, like 10 beds, you can sell them using Lot. This way, users can buy 1 or more items, and the "auction" remains until all 10 are sold. Notice that here there is not a bidding process, just a normal sell. Also, if a user buys more than 1 item, he gets no discount.
  • Reverse Auction
    • This is a service oriented auction. Basically the auction's creator have a need, and bidders try to offer solutions. For example, you need to paint your house, and different paint companies bid with their offers. At the end, you choose the cheapest option, or the one that better matches your needs.
  • Penny Auction
    • The new wave! All users must pay for a bid-pack, that allow them to bid. For each bid, the price is incremented, but usually the winner gets the item with a lower price (than the retail price). A catching eye experience!
  • Fixed Price
    • Its name explains itself. This is not an auction but the classic Ad-board selling.
  • Group Sell
    • In case that you want to sell an amount of an item for a good price, but want to be sure that a minimum users will buy it, this is your auction. The auction doesn't succeed until a defined amount of users bid for it.